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This is my personal blog. There's nothing quality here. Haha, so please don't follow if you're not interested in anything except my art. Link below.

I tend to flood, so if that's a problem... don't follow me, and get over yourself. lol.

I keep to myself for the most part.
But that doesn't stop you from talking to me. :)
I usually respond.

I post art often, I post random stuff even more, and I'll share a music file/video every once in while. Enjoy.

I am The Nina of Tegakie.

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    Probably the best photoset I could ever make for you guys.

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      Officially showing my mother these, Nina
    2. se-qu said: Putting aside how sexy and dashing you look in these, THOSE ARE SOME REALLY NICE SHOTS AND EDITING. Humnahumnahumna.
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      i’mma show my brother these. LMAO
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      I think you guys deserve this too. You’re welcome.
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